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Lifestyle photography
Lifestyle photography is a certain mix of portrait and documentary photography. I capture the reality, something that takes place in front of my camera, I always use natural light, first I focus on lighting, where does it come from and direct where necessary to create the ideal photograph. In this way I remove disturbing factors (such as a telephone or a dead plant).
Event photography
In event photography I do not capture one subject but several, for example I photograph the environment, the decoration, the radiant dancing people, the food, the bands and the bartenders. This way you get a complete picture of the atmosphere and I like to leave you with a feeling of nostalgia, nostalgia for these unforgettable days.
Sport photography
Sports photography is, as the word implies, capturing sports. I mainly focus on board sports such as surfing. With my underwater housing I lie between the surfers and in this way I like to bring you closer to the sport.
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